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Auto Clicker is not only about mimicking the clicks for gaming, but it’s also about performing more complicated actions for specific programs.

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its like a game changable
software. I’d seen before

Miranda H / Founder of Clixer co

its like a game changable
software. I’d seen before

Miranda H / Founder of Clixer co

So, Hours manage your compute.

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AutoClicker – Auto Clicker Download

Why chose

Why Auto Clicker?

AutoClicker might not be the first existing program, but we will live up to “the best Auto Clicker” name that customers have rated us. The program has many advantageous features for users, such as:

How to make an autoclicker?

After downloading and installing the application to your computer, there will be only 5 steps to succeed in your actions.

  • Choose the type of clicks (single, double, triple, etc.) and the side of the mouse button (left, right, or middle);
  • Set the time interval between clicks;
  • Set the times to repeat clicks;
  • Select the location of the cursor; 
  • Click the “Start” button to begin, and you’re set!

Frequently AutoClicker Asked Questions

Does Auto Clicker require registration for download and installation?

Luckily, no. We don’t ask anything else from users apart from leaving us several reviews about how well the system works. We would sincerely appreciate it if you could report to us the good and the bad of the application after experiencing the program.
This honest feedback will help us to improve our upcoming version.

Does Auto Clicker offer a premium program?

Our software does not charge a dime for any features. It allows users to download the system for free. Even after installing the program to your computer, there will be no trial or requirement to charge additional costs to use the program.

How safe is an Auto Clicker?

Auto Clicker uses no advertisement and contains no malware that causes viruses to intrude into your computer. It’s a legitimate application that has been audited carefully and precisely by our team.

Can I leave Auto Clicker running in the background and doing other work simultaneously?

Without a doubt, you can.
Because of the technological advancements, we can work in the background and adjust ram settings for any host software. While the program inputs data into your chosen application, you can efficiently do your other jobs.
The application does not disappear from the window but operates as a taskbar icon that can be minimized.

More Auto Clicker Features

A Program For A Lifetime

Build our trust together with Auto Clicker – A reliable and best-known software for mastering your program with the fastest clicking and most reliable, free-ads, free-virus software.

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